Recently I was struck by how it how the last few weeks have  been one of laughter, much socialising and considering different approaches.  These happenings have been triggered by blogging, well reading and responding to blogs and to one in particular, Zoe’s , or search for Razor-blade of life, not only is there a fascinating… Continue reading Musing


It wasn’t summer when we went away about a month ago, we chose the week in May when the weather was cool and wet to go to the South West of England. Reasons were there were parts of West Dorset and East Devon we hadn’t seen, plus we wanted to meet with friends in Falmouth,… Continue reading Summertime


    In the latest issue of Slipknot, the very informative journal of the Knitting & Crochet Guild there was a call for very old knitting patterns for the Guild’s collection. At the Guild’s meeting last Thursday I handed over patterns that met the strict criteria, at home still had plenty that were slightly outside… Continue reading Patterns