Crochet blankets

A while back I started practising granny squares eventually these morphed into a blanket/throw and was used when grandson Edward came to our home. He’s using it way back in February last year. i had a square over so started another blanket, rather than individual squares I made one giant square, using random double knitting… Continue reading Crochet blankets


Since last Friday we, along with much of our local postcode have had problems with our Internet supplier, it means that photos taken with my phone don’t want to appear on my iPad, just going from one page to another on Ravelry say will see the Wifi symbol vanishes, at other times the buffering symbol… Continue reading Update


Recently I was struck by how it how the last few weeks have  been one of laughter, much socialising and considering different approaches.  These happenings have been triggered by blogging, well reading and responding to blogs and to one in particular, Zoe’s , or search for Razor-blade of life, not only is there a fascinating… Continue reading Musing