Mid September

Hi everyone, fairly sunny morning today here on the outskirts of London, not a quiet day, ¬†a local roofing company who have maintained this and our previous home for some 30 years are ¬†clearing gutters, extending down pipes, securing tiles, all in all keeping this eighty plus year old house in good shape. Maintenance and… Continue reading Mid September


Life has been fairly quite quiet at Pixie Towers after the excitement of Ian being awarded Gold for the front garden, the presentation is next month, he was interviewed by phone by the local paper, our emailed photos weren’t used, also the paper misspelt the road name. The online edition quoted him, just a name… Continue reading August.


These photos were taken this afternoon to show how the garden has changed since the previous photos were taken in early July when the judging for Richmond Borough in Bloom competition was taking place. Earlier photos were in my blog of July 3rd, titled ” ‘Twas on a Monday morning”. So great celebrations after Ian… Continue reading Gold.