An achievement

Today I went to a knitting friend’s house, J lives on a 1930s estate, it is well spread out, windy roads, cul de sacs, and heavy traffic on the approaches to the estate. Not the first visit but each time I’m hopelessly lost, either going there or leaving there. Now, I can hear shouts of SatNav, yes that would be great but in town I prefer to use my much smaller car, roads around here our quite narrow, or  parked cars make them narrow so a 22 year old zippy Corsa is a slimline option rather than the bulky Qashqai.

Using the iPad maps I wrote out on an A4 sheet the unfamiliar route, basics like road name and turn left, like those AA route maps my father used. Turning to my iPhone I checked maps there, put in both Post Codes, to my surprise a voice told me where to drive, stopping at a junction very near here. I had great doubts phone would continue to act as a Sat Nav once in the car, it is so basic there was never even a cigarette lighter.

Just like the days of my Morris Minor the sheet of paper was on front seat, phone open next to it, to my surprise the male voice chatted away, turn left, take second exit, all those bossy commands one expects. He was difficult to hear, with no air conditioning I had raised the roof and slightly opened the driver’s window, I need to work out how to increase the sound on my phone.

It was all worthwhile, arrived 2 minutes after 2pm, was welcomed for I had missed a few get togethers, we chatted, laughed, EF6028FE-4EC3-48C6-B544-AD0F80C7C1B9ate cake, drank tea and hardly mentioned knitting.

Photo shows Ian’s  socks that I worked on whilst socialising, nearly reached the heel.





3 thoughts on “An achievement

  1. I think a satnav is most useful in an unfamiliar town – and yes, I use the phone sometimes too, very useful. Though google maps tends to tell me turnings very late, so I am sometimes in the wrong lane, and Apple maps can be wildly inaccurate, so I more often use the car one.


  2. I use my phone for this sometimes if going somewhere new. I tend to navigate by road signs and map memory to the town, then use the phone sat nav to get to the final destination. I have to turn the radio off to hear the phone, hence only using it for the final part of the journey. Always works fine — although we don’t have a car sat nav so I don’t know how it compares.


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