Moving again.

Just saying, my blogging efforts seem to have fallen apart, not many folk have followed me here from Blogger so I am posting a photo and commenting on Instagram at “thepixiemum”

Most recent rambling is about a spelling mistake on a notice about the Royal Academy Schools.



2 thoughts on “Moving again.

  1. I have an instagram account, so I’ll follow you, but I forget to look at it very often. I’ve never quite mastered it and never post anything myself. Still, I’ll keep in touch.


    1. Thanks, in some ways I feel reluctant to abandon blogging, it has provided a useful record of alterations to our home, my knitting and crochet progress and in the earlier days my reflections and thoughts.

      Of course now one has to be so careful about what is written, the event rivalling the blog party must not appear, I avoid political and religious views as you know. Think I’ll play it by ear, after all instagram refers back to my blog address and yesterday I managed to use it on my phone whilst we were out and about in Town.


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