Sunday afternoon

Decision time, write a new blog or clear the ironing pile. The blog has won, so just a few thoughts and reflections. Before I start just saying I have been putting a photograph here and there on my Instagram account, instant result and needn’t say much. I’m Thepixiemum if you want a peep.

It is a truth well recorded that if knitting is taken to a knitting group there will be little progress or that knitting will be undone, yesterday took the simplest of projects, a hexipuff of which I’ve made over 400, yet had to undo all my work afterwards.

This is the hexipuff I’m making at the moment, there is a pair of socks made from the same yarn, I’m just using up yarn this time for a cushion cover, it is one of those useful projects as the Knitting takes up little room in my handbag. I have abandoned the Tin Can Knits Flax jumper I was making for grandson, started it over 6 months ago but it just didn’t want to go right. My other project is using up my stash of Rowan big wool to make a throw or very warm blanket although I will need to buy more yarn for this. As this wool is so expensive I will look out for bargains.

This is the photo I put on Instagram showing the wear in a pair of Ian’s socks made from yarn bought at Tiger, it is 75% wool but maybe not quite the quality of say Regia for it has faded as well. The sock has been darned so in an emergency it can be worn but it leads me to think I should start another pair especially as Ian tends to wear some pairs more than others.

Yesterday’s knitting was attempted at the SW London Knitting and Crochet Guild meeting in Kingston John Lewis’s Community Hub newly arrived on the third floor, before it was a Community Room on the first floor conveniently adjacent to haberdashery. No one at John Lewis told the lady who liaises with them about the room change, the store seems a little run down, lifts, automatic doors, hand dryers not working and far fewer staff.

Will end here today, I cannot work out how to add the tags, nor to adjust the print size, I suspect the size changed when I reduced the size of the photographs – they were ginormous.


2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon

  1. I’m a bit fed up with JL at Kingston too. It is looking very shabby and now that we have a pushchair with us we find the lifts very annoying – it seems to take so long to get to different parts of the store. Friend has just started working in haberdashery there though and apparently they have new exciting yarn arriving soon!


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