Still March

A book has been written called Morning by Allan Jenkins, there is an article in today’s paper and whilst we don’t rise at such an early hour as some of those interviewed Ian & I are continuing to wake at 6.30, occasionally just before the alarm, to feel better for it, as the article tells us we are gaining time,  if we have to leave the house at an early hour, say before 9am, we do so without being so stressed.  My body clock has adjusted.

So yesterday I was able to be at Local Studies, recording details of photos in the Richmond & Twickenham Times in October 1970 and came across this gem. Firstly, copyright acknowledgements, this was a photograph published in the Richmond  & Twickenham Times, 5th October 1970, I am not sure whether the copyright had passed to Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library when the paper gave them their photograph collection.


The event was a 20 minute fashion show at Dickins & Jones Richmond store to celebrate their first year of trading in the town, sitting at the side of the stage is Mrs Gwen Matthewman “the unofficial UK Knitting champion” who produced 12 inches of a midi dress during the 20 minutes of the shows. In the picture wearing one of her own creations Mrs Matthewman knits on as the model enters, wearing a midi skirt and top over a chunky hand knitted sweater.

I’m not sure why a Yorkshire housewife was at a short fashion show in Richmond, Surrey, the article did say she gave advice on how to produce neat borders and buttonholes, the show gave plenty of ideas for up-to-the-minute fashions in knitwear for which the wools and patterns were available at the store. Not today are wools and patterns available at the store which has been relabelled as House of Fraser, nor do they hold fashion shows or indeed painting competitions for children, all of which were recorded in the local paper.


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