Mad March days

My body clock is all over the place, the last two mornings OH and I were up early, just after 6am, to prepare breakfast for DS, he stayed two nights here, we live nearer the venue where he is hockey umpiring than he does. It isn’t often we have the chance to be alone with him, his wife and children demand and deserve his attention. Both days have seemed so much longer, I would like to think more has been achieved with those extra two hours in the day, the Flax jumper I’m knitting has grown, more time was spent in the kitchen yesterday making Spinach and mushroom lasagne from Sarah Brown’s Vegetarian Kitchen. This was requested by DS, it’s a family favourite, certainly not worth making for two, modified by me since 1984 publication as lasagne no longer needs precooking, I increase the quantity of mushroom sauce too.

So, the plan is to set the alarm,  maybe at about 6.30 so we have well over seven hours sleep. At present unless we have appointments we sleep on till one or both of us wake, often well after 8am,  in spite of all this sleep we often feel tired.

After Book Club last week I didn’t venture out into the cold until Saturday evening  when we went to one of our big local social events The Beetle Game.

This is my score sheet for the second half of the game, three times each partner and I managed not to throw a six before some one on another table yelled Beetle


Apparently no one should score below 200, it wasn’t as if any alcoholic beverages were taken, we are talking church hall, tea, good filtered coffee, home made cakes, biscuits and bread pudding for refreshments. Apart from being a good fundraiser, well over £500 it was just jolly good old fashioned fun with players aged from 10 to 95 coming together to laugh and decide whether they were moving up, down or staying put.

Yes, this was the booby prize, the sponges look more suitable for cleaning the bath than the body, we made up for it in the raffle, wine and chocolate covered Brazil nuts were won.

Even more good news, the Flax jumper knitting is going well, worked out what backwards loop method was after loads of complicated instructions on uTube found I could create the stitch instinctively. Wish WordPress and iPads were as instinctive. Knitting is now a matter of going round and round on Magic Loop until jumper measures 9 inches from under arms, a few rounds were done at knitting group and on a bus journey.




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