Book Club

Tomorrow morning it is Book Club gathering, just the second this year, we have plenty of time to read the book yet it was just today I finished “A model murder” by Celia Conrad. I had started the book, put it aside whilst life was busy, these last few days picked it up again, with the large cast of characters it took time to remember where everyone fitted in. When the lead character joined a new law firm we were introduced to all the staff, their physical characteristics and details about their families too.

Books for the Book Club are lent to us from the local library, we are sent lists, books are chosen, after a long wait we may be allocated our choice, we meet in our own homes, don’t spend that much time discussing the literature sometimes we catch up on each other’s lives for well over ten years we have bonded as a group of ten, except for a couple of us the ladies are members of the local Roman Catholic Church.

Oh, no one minds if I knit whilst the chatter, tea and coffee flow freely.


One thought on “Book Club

  1. I joined a book club for the first time ever, about a year and a half ago. It’s more an excuse for a group of eight friends to get together for an evening, really, than anything, though we do discuss the book (which the host for the evening chooses and which we all buy, either as a paper copy or on Kindle), and then have a nice dinner and catch up with news. It’s limited to eight so that we can get round everyone’s table, so I was quite lucky to be invited.


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