The ‘i’ in iPhone and iPad is supposed to stand for instinctive, but not with me. Although many years ago information retrieval was part of the curriculum at the then Liverpool Library School and the idea that librarians were the first search engines gels with me I struggle at times with my iPad.

Yesterday morning I realised that my Facebook page was filled with ‘Likes’ that had grown over the years so I methodically went through and cleared them one by one, when I finished then clicked something that would have enabled me to have scrolled down and swept the unwanted in one fell swoop. I would have saved well over an hour if I had recognised this, but again how is one meant to know what all the symbols mean? Apart from asking assistance from my adult children when I see them, yes they gladly help, I know I should sign up for the free course offered by the Reference Library, downstairs from where I volunteer at the archive. I upgrade regularly, sometimes these upgrade make changes so I couldn’t work out how to sweep away all the open pages until DD showed me. Need to learn how screenshot work as today I was asked to use this.

Not sure whether it was a system upgrade or DD that released me from the tyranny of over 100 daily Yahoo junk mails on my iPad and iPhone, so pleased as I’m trying to cut down the amount that appears for me to read. More time for knitting, indexing local history publications, completing last batch of marmalade, finishing Reading Group book and the daily newspaper. In case you were wondering, the current book is A Model Murder: Alicia Allen investigates by Celia Conrad, I’m not good at spotting clues in murder mysteries.

Update: recently have noticed that if we are watching a TV programme, then decide to move to the kitchen, we grab an iPad so we can continue with the programme live, when we go to the relevant TV app, find the programme it starts at the point we switched the TV off. This happens whether it is the TV, Broadband and phone linked to Virgin or the TV which is just Freeserve.


One thought on “Instinctive?

  1. After I’d had my iPhone for a while, I bought Russell a different (cheaper) smartphone – we both absolutely hated it and couldn’t use it at all. As soon as his contract expired, I bought myself a new iPhone and gave him mine and he got to grips with it straight away. I don’t use my iPad as much as the phone – it’s fine, but if I am doing something that the phone isn’t suitable for, I tend to use the computer. It’s worth checking out the help pages sometimes, especially when there’s been a system upgrade, to find out what’s new.


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