Thinking aloud or allowed.

Yes, a silly play on words, I enjoy this, was reminded by our purchases this morning of CDs and DVDs being sold by our borough library service because no one borrows them. Our purchases included ‘educational’ DVDs to be kept here for the grandchildren’s visits, not sure whether Sean the Sheep is for them or for Ian.

My new knitting project continues apace, I think health wise I may be feeling better for the work has gone well, I’m knitting hexagons with my stash of Rowan Big Wool on 6mm needles to make a very warm throw/blanket. Each hexagon uses nearly 100grams of wool, is 14 inches across the centre, for the first colour I adapted a ridged rib stitch starting with 23 stitches, increasing one stitch at each end of wrong side row until I had 53 stitches. When all that colour was used up I changed,the pattern to a simple knit one purl one rib, have a fear that it may come out a bit smaller but working with pure wool some adjustment can be made I hope. The original idea was to use shades of blue, cream, grey and white, each colour having a different stitch pattern if I don’t have enough blue themed colours may add some others to make a good size throw.


My aim for 2018 is to clear most of my stash, would like to be able to make a couple of pairs of socks for Ian, maybe try some in Double Knitting, shawls/scarves for myself, I have started Tin Can Knits Flax pullover for Edward in a honey colour if I don’t work on it Alice will be wearing it instead of having it passed down, the instant results of Big Wool has proved rather attractive after working with 4ply yarn.





One thought on “Thinking aloud or allowed.

  1. A friend in Cornwall sells wool from her Zwartble sheep – black of course, and I don’t knit, but it’s so tempting, all the same, Aran weight so quite big!


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