Knitting frustrations.

One of the Local Knitting Group were making mittens, I think for Knit for Peace, I was persuaded to join in, no problem as I have so much yarn to use up, a pattern was recommended, called she said with a hollow laugh, The World’s Simplest Mittens from Tin Can Knits who produce excellent free patterns with tutorials. So what went wrong?

Mitten 1, the circular needle was stored inside a wrongly labelled package so the sizing was wrong, mitten was undone or frogged to use a technical term.

Mitten 2, that came out ok, carefully set aside to be duplicated.

Mitten 3, took a long while, whilst the collection deadline came and went, I had a very bad cold, more like flu, no energy, succumbed to doxycycline as recommended by hospital, the knitting mojo went away. December 27th I gathered up the last 8 stitches at the mitten top before threaded yarn through, smoothed the work out and the yarn threaded through the top snapped. Even worse, the eight stitches have unravelled. Everything I did seemed to fail, I had taken my usual care as with any project. It wasn’t meant to be, some projects aren’t but with this so cold weather I feel sorry that someone’s hands aren’t warmer.


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