Recent weekends

Unusually for us we have been away for the last two weekends, to Dorset and Hampshire to spend time with family, no photos except a picture of Alice’s cardigan, it is too big for her to model it. Keen knitters can see where it has been blocked and stretched slightly at the side – personal touch then this recent weekend to Sussex.




Photographs from this weekend just gone, the first two were views looking back from the cliff tops near Birling Gap at the beginning of Saturday’s walk.

The four photos are the interior, or rather a tiny part of a secondhand bookshop called Camilla’s in Grove Road, Eastbourne. The whole shop is crammed like that, I found four Elizabeth Goudge books there and  The Fifties in Vogue, Ian bought a book on chess and one on naval history.   Here’s their website, not recently  updated but nothing has changed.  ://

We were in Eastbourne with the walking group from our previous church, hadn’t been away with group for five years as participation was restricted to that church’s membership, however this was the final weekend there were spaces and we were able to share experiences enjoyed since our first in 1991.

The programme never changed, meet after lunch on the Friday, a shorter local walk, gather in hotel reception to eat in nearby pub who had been forewarned about an invasion, Saturday was an all day long walk, lunch would have been chosen at a hostelry halfway through the walk, giving those who struggled with a long walk to opportunity to return to the hotel early to prepare for the evening.

The evening began with Sing Praise using old hymn books that were used in the early eighties to introduce the congregation to Graham Kendrick and Matt Redman’s modern hymns to provide a mix covering many centuries, we joined the non participants at the bar before dinner at 8pm, toasts, speeches and awards, always accompanied by much laughter.

On Sunday there was the opportunity to attend an 8 am communion service, again the church was warned that possibly 20 additional worshippers would be joining them, for once we didn’t make this but slept on till 8.15 – oops! Following breakfast bills would be paid, cars loaded, usually another short walk had been planned for those not needing to rush away.

Thus it was at Eastbourne, York House hotel a Best Western Hotel, usual routine, the Saturday walk was a struggle for me, some very steep ups and downs so I didn’t walk after lunch. The route was from Birling Gap to East Dean, on the map didn’t look too far, in reality it was steep ups and gentle downs, challenging me with regard to lungs, Achilles tendonitis and a right leg that doesn’t want to stride out but I made it! Unknown to us a photograph was taken, bit fuzzy and personal vanity makes me appalled at how chunky I’m around the middle!


Our journey back to Pixie Towers was delightful, sunshine and warm weather enhancing the Sussex and Surrey countryside as we travelled home the whole way without using motorways. The A roads on that day were relatively clear, we weren’t in a rush yet made good time without the stress of the modern day Toad racing by and carving up other drivers.

All in all this is a record of happy days. Am not sure why one paragraph isn’t justified properly, the words are there, it is 5pm and I haven’t read today’s paper and wish to try the crossword.


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