Hitchhiker woes

It has been mentioned before that I’m knitting the Hitchhiker pattern using Chameleon Colorworks 100% merino in figgy pudding colour, it’s an ideal portable and Knit in public pattern.


This was taken a few days ago, by yesterday I had knitted well over 60% I reckon, it was going well, although I had some doubts as it seemed very solid and looked heavy I still ploughed, on until I checked my work, must add this was in the car on way to DS’s house.


Oops, missed a picot, so undid work back past error, all done just as we arrived at our destination. On way back home picked up stitches, ready to proceed but stowed work away, not easy in a car to work stitches that are twisted, dropped or knit into back of stitches especially when light beginning to fade.

Although tired from a busy day, hadn’t slept well, mind on knitting amongst other stuff so gave up at nearly four, picked up Hitchhiker, decided to undo it all and start again, modifying Row 8 of the pattern where one casts off five stitches to form the picot. Cannot claim credit for this, looked on Ravelry to see Ams114152  had successfully work a yarn over and knit two together on Row 8.


So now ready to knit a Row 8 of pattern, I’m pleased with the lighter look of the lace row, before then will try to sleep.


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