Mid September

Hi everyone, fairly sunny morning today here on the outskirts of London, not a quiet day,  a local roofing company who have maintained this and our previous home for some 30 years are  clearing gutters, extending down pipes, securing tiles, all in all keeping this eighty plus year old house in good shape. Maintenance and safety checks are most important to us.

This has been an out and about weekend, on Saturday to the City of London near the Barbican to attend central London branch meeting of Knitting and Crochet Guild. First time I’d attended this branch, not sure what to expect, certainly not very modern office suite, which kitchen and breakout areas. We peeped into a room the length of the building filled with serried rows of desks topped with flat screens, didn’t like to photograph it so took views from the meeting room instead.

I liked the tables and chairs set out on the roof, fresh air in a tightly packed area of the city. It was surprising too how many landmarks one could see in spite of the height of the buildings, reminds me of the music hall song “You could see the Crystal Palace if it wasn’t for the houses in between”. Howard Spring’s novel “The houses in between” builds on that song, I think of it when I see city views, now Crystal Palace is a communications mast.

Today photos appeared on KCG site,

Plenty of space for us to spread out our WIP

Yesterday we took the opportunity of Open House weekend to view Bushy House in Teddington, the building is historically important for it was the home of Duke of Clarence, later William IV and much later the first building used and still used by the National Physical Laboratory.  I didn’t take photos, apart from some plants to be identified as Ian was able to take seeds from them for his garden. Would one of my readers be able to identify these so he will find the best spot to plant the seeds, assuming they germinate?

There is much on line about Bushy House, Bushy Park and Teddington 800 celebrations, also I should mention and thank the Hampton Hill Scout Group who organised tea and cakes in the Orangery.

As I finish this blog at twenty minutes to The Archers the rain has started. Most unsurprising, Ian has been gardening this afternoon, so the rain follows his achievements.


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