Early September musings.

Last week we made our way to Cambridgeshire to attend the funeral for DH’s 105 year old aunt, a time,to learn about her life which began in North East Italy, she was the third child and first girl in a family of ten. She had to leave school at 12, secondary education had to be paid for, the boys took priority in a poor family. Training in needlework followed, again no money for her to take her exams,m she moved onto being a nanny to an Italian Jewish family with whom she travelled to England. In about 1938 the family thought it safer to return to Italy but Aunty Nicky stayed here, working in a hospital instead of internment, qualifying as a SRN and achieving further promotions

I had known Auntie Nicky was a skilled needlewoman, before DS was born she gave us a knitted lace shawl for which she’d won prizes at WI Denman Hall, her daughter has inherited this talent, especially dressmaking and crochet, yet the skill missed her daughter.

On our travels we’ve been relying on our incar Satnav, last Wednesday was wet all day, there was much traffic, the journey which should have taken two hours plus any time taken to run metaphorically round the car at a service station took over three and a half hours including a short break. Bossy Boots, our name for Satnav woman kept telling us that our route was being recalculated to taking traffic conditions into account. What she did was to direct us from the traffic on one road and let us join the end of a jam on another or redirect us through a town which was just as snarled up as its bypass. There is a cunning plan to consult road atlases, plan our route beforehand, use Bossy Boots when essential, on motorways it has become irritating to be told “bear right” when she means stay on the motorway and not leave at the exit.

So, as a passenger I knit or crochet on these journeys, this is the latest work in progress, my second Hitchhiker scarf using Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in  colour “figgypudding”.


I have just under 60 grams or 2 ounces more yarn to knit, ideal pattern for working at knitting groups or travelling







One thought on “Early September musings.

  1. I’d hate not to have a satnav, especially in a town or city I don’t know, but I always carry a map too. And I have several travel apps on my phone as well, for comparison.


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