Plant decluttering


Took this picture the other day (as Ian would say), for I have been saying we need to sort out the houseplants. We have shelves in the porch for these, few of the window cills in our home are wide enough for plants, those at the front can be too sunny for some delicate blooms.

Much repotting was done, Aloe Vera was kept, it is useful as a medicine, some non flowering plants went in the compost bin and the plant pots were assessed, some will go.  Even plant pots date, especially the 1970s & 1980s brown and beige ones that we have inherited. Of course there are old planters that have sentimental value, these will remain, otherwise we are selecting white for simplicity. I suppose even these will be out of time eventually.


One thought on “Plant decluttering

  1. When I lived in an Edwardian house with big windows and high ceilings, I had lots of house plants but now I can’t keep them looking good for long.


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