Life has been fairly quite quiet at Pixie Towers after the excitement of Ian being awarded Gold for the front garden, the presentation is next month, he was interviewed by phone by the local paper, our emailed photos weren’t used, also the paper misspelt the road name. The online edition quoted him, just a name check in the paper edition. As I write Ian is tidying the garden, it’s looking rather blowsy now after the heavy rain and winds, there’s another plant to add to the colourful scene.

Last Tuesday met up with a group of friends, sort of coffee circle, all five families lived locally, we’d go in turns to each home, worried that our child wouldn’t play nicely or share their toys, now many of these children have their own young families. One couple now live in Yorkshire so they came to London for the day. We walked from King’s  Cross to the restaurant, Ciao Bella, and then back. There had been talk of a taxi if my lungs or the weather weren’t good, in the end it was my right foot especially the bones around the ankle were so painful and my foot was warm to touch and swollen

Next morning rang GP surgery, appointment available that day, diagnosis is Achilles tendonitis caused by what I thought were the most comfortable sandals bought in Woodbridge in June. Apparently the non adjustable strap around the heel is too tight, I’d noticed bones hurt before, put it down to age and general creakiness of my age.  Have tried to rest foot, walk around indoors barefoot as I don’t have any backless shoes.

That weekend we were in East Anglia for the Blog Party we met up with Ian’s cousin and her family including his 105 year old aunt, sad to say she died ten days ago, she’d been fine until about two weeks then gradually slipped away.


Here she was in June enjoying large strawberries, riper the better for her.





One thought on “August.

  1. She looks marvellous – good that she didn’t have a slow decline to a painful end, but condolences to the family, the death of a beloved family member is always sad.

    What a pity about the shoes. I find it increasingly hard to find shoes I really like that are comfortable and fit, so I wear open sandals in summer and boots in winter as often as possible.


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