Rain, rain go away.

Whilst I am most happy to stay indoors and read, knit, crochet or bake it is not fun when you are two years old, staying at the grandparents who have completely forgotten how to entertain you and your five year old sister. Desperate weather meant desperate solutions while the grown ups ate lunch, it does help that the occasional table and stool are right height when one is two and munching apple slices.


Yesterday Ian and I were in Teddington where there’s a Fara charity bookshop, so as well as a Little Red Train book for grandson I acquired these three treasures:-


The two hardbacks cost £4.80 and the paperback was £3.80, such bargains as all the books are in excellent condition, hardly opened. Given the success of my donation of  all the Knit Now magazines, one day these my knitting and crochet library will go to the Knitting & Crochet Guild, any duplicates can be sold to help Guild funds. I hope this donation will be a long way off.

Can’t write any more, grandparent duties call, we have been trying to give DS and DiL a break so have taken over catering and laundry duties as well as babysitting so we are shattered.


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