Summer Sunday

It is  pleasant after all the humidity to enjoy a slightly cooler day, even had a little rain, after Ian had been gardening, he just has to stow the mower and tools away after enhancing Pixieparents’ garden and sure it will rain. Too dark now to photograph the newly cut grass with its diagonal stripes, instead here is the produce of said garden made into jam. We are fortunate to have damson trees, I suspect these go back nearly 90 years when this land was a market garden and not a suburban estate. Picking the fruit reminds me of that saying “There is a time in the affairs of men which taken at the flood lead onto fortune” for there is a small time when the fruit is just ripe for stewing or jamming.

We went to 8am service so we would complete the task before tiredness overtook, the jam was made in two uneven batches it wasn’t as time consuming as expected in spite of taking the stones out. Adding to my domestic goddess role I also made cheese and chive scones, not many left to show you.  In between we struggled with the quick crossword in the paper, didn’t know the meaning of one clue, tomorrow’s paper will solve this dilemma.

Now to work on the giant Granny Square that has become a blanket for Alice, just one or two border rounds to complete.



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