Since last Friday we, along with much of our local postcode have had problems with our Internet supplier, it means that photos taken with my phone don’t want to appear on my iPad, just going from one page to another on Ravelry say will see the Wifi symbol vanishes, at other times the buffering symbol appears. We have had changes made to our router, we have both 2G and 5G but both produce the warning that we aren’t connected to Wifi. We went into Kingston Virgin Media to establish when we will receive the service for which we pay.  One of the staff was quite dismissive when we explained what is happening to us and many others, according to him we just have to wait for the problem to be solved.

Life has been busy since I blogged last, Ian joined me in Dorset, arriving at 8am on Saturday morning, we then returned home on Monday morning to avoid the Sunday traffic from the coast. Big task of cleaning, putting all the furniture and books back and restoring the house into a liveable space with a time limit as DS and his family were joining us the following Friday evening.

We are delighted with the restored and new flooring, these photos give a flavour of the floors:-

A picture above of Edward on his second birthday, so to be fair here’s Alice on the same day being held by Ian.


I still do not understand why the photographs are different sizes, next time I will examine the page where I select photos to show you.


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