Friday reflections

It was about 6.15 that the flooring was finished although Ian wasn’t allowed to walk on it till then, apparently he used the time to water the garden.  He has sent photographs so enjoy, I’m so looking forward to seeing it all when I go home.


So what have I being doing in Dorset? Spent time with my second cousin, Miranda who lives nearby, we visited the Old Town, quay and  Poole Museum, like so many museums and galleries there is a small cafe, high up with these view over Poole. Cafe and museum recommended.


Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent with my brother in law and sister in law at the beach, no photos, just didn’t think about it but in the evening did take a couple of pictures at Parkstone Yacht club where daughter was sailing.

Ooh, didn’t realise it was so dark, the pictures were taken on the balcony of the club house, a replacement is being built on the right which blocked the view of the sunset.

Today, Martha sacrificed a day of her precious holiday to show me the beauty of the Purbecks, real tourists in Lulworth Cove eating local ice cream


then to Clavell’s Cafe & Restaurant at Kimmeridge where we shared a platter thus:-

Delicious food, very generous portions accompanied in my case by lime and soda, I was introduced to this yesterday by sister in law, very refreshing, I like to have a glass of tap water as well with meals, I seem to get very thirsty, well temperatures these past few days have been in high twenties.

Our last port of call was Swanage, Martha has a friend with a delightful shop, Winston & Potter, selling homeware, pampering products, gifts, all of which are sourced ethically, purchases were made. In the town was a proper yarn shop, I bought yarn for the edging of the blanket I’ve nearly completed for Alice. Have googled, it’s the Wool and Craft Shop in Station Road and has been there since I think about 1908 the lady said. I told her about Knitting & Crochet Guild wanting to link with yarn shops so hope she contacts them.

Altogether a delightful day, no knitting done, so much to enjoy.


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