Recently I was struck by how it how the last few weeks have  been one of laughter, much socialising and considering different approaches.  These happenings have been triggered by blogging, well reading and responding to blogs and to one in particular, Zoe’s , or search for Razor-blade of life, not only is there a fascinating account of life in a Norfolk village but there’s been seven parties at her beautiful home.  Ian and I were privileged to attend the most recent, it was a Colour Supplement occasion, everyone is enjoying themselves, great conversation, sunshine, delicious food, one dog, I was the unkind person who didn’t throw the ball for Scout once. IMG_0194

Good parties seem to mean few photos as the conversation, laughter and eating take preference,  I’m aware some folk may not wish to be photographed hence just a photo of the house which has been online before. There are more photos on this blog too:- , look for 17th June.

So what else made for happiness? Seeing Ian’s 105 year old aunt who has moved from Kent to Cambridgeshire, even better was she recognised Ian and told him he hadn’t changed. We managed a reasonable conversation, showed her family photos on my iPad, it was obvious she’d handled an tablet before.IMG_0205

That same weekend we stayed with cousins, I was persuaded my wardrobe needed updating when all I thought was required were new sandals, it was fun finding a different look from my usual Crew Clothing/Seasalt/White Stuff, much more ethnic and floaty with some bright colours. These have drawn some compliments, another reason to be happy.

It is not always major events that can contribute to a sense of wellbeing, for some time I have been attending Pilates classes on a Friday morning, if I can’t attend then if there are vacancies one can swap to an evening class (classes are only in the mornings on Fridays and Saturdays) it was at a Thursday evening class that I realised just how much time saving 8 till 9pm was compared with 10 till 11am, when by the time I had gone home, showered, changed the whole morning had gone. In the evening it was the final class so no rush to finish, I could go home and prepare for bed without feeling I’d wasted time which I’m prone to do, still able to listen to The Archers beforehand. The instructor is a very lively lady, there is so much laughter, references to jazz hands, a phrase I’ve never before but worse, how do I admit I’ve have never seen nor do I know anything about Star Wars. Nor about Star Trek but that wasn’t mentioned.

Last Sunday afternoon was one of those silly to me situations, as a library volunteer I’d been invited to a 1940s afternoon tea party as a thank you for volunteering. I squeezed into the one slightly 1940s style dress I have, put on bright lipstick, best of all managed successfully to put my hair up by twisting the pony tail round and pinning it into place by resurrecting an old skill of opening Kirby grip with my teeth. Even better hair stayed put!  Apart from the waitress everyone else looked just 21st century, didn’t matter, the tea and food were good, There weren’t too many people as there were a few no shows so it was easier to cope with the small talk and ask people about themselves.  There was a happiness in being able to give two ladies a lift from Ham library to Twickenham, I like to be helpful, a bit of do as you would be done by.


Proper table cloths and napkins too.  It was a good day, I had read, or rather croaked through the lessons at church, remembering to read slowly, pauses at the commas, longer pauses at the full stops. It was a long reading from Genesis about Abraham and Hagar followed immediately by Paul writing to the Romans, of course I had practiced beforehand, also it was the first Sunday I had undertaken the role of sidesman at this church, had a practice run as a supernumerary, just a coincidence that both duties fell on the same Sunday.

Oh just recalled something else that made us laugh, our relations have a similar model car to use, we’ve had ours over two years and they were astounded we had never opened the roof blind, never considered it before. Subsequently we have done so, there is a bonus, more light for me when I’m knitting or crocheting in the car, adding to my happiness.








One thought on “Musing

  1. What a pleasure to read such a happy post. Thank you so much for coming, it was lovely to see you and Ian again. I always marvel that people travel so far every year.

    I’ve got some of those cups and saucers in the foreground – my mother-in-law’s tea service was that pattern and a few pieces remain!


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