It wasn’t summer when we went away about a month ago, we chose the week in May when the weather was cool and wet to go to the South West of England. Reasons were there were parts of West Dorset and East Devon we hadn’t seen, plus we wanted to meet with friends in Falmouth, both former colleagues of Ian’s but in different countries and businesses. In the usual “it’s a small world” way these two guys had met and realised they both knew Ian.

We stayed in three B & Bs and one hotel, we decided the standards, especially of breakfast, were much higher in the B & Bs than the hotels, service was more enthusiastic, one wouldn’t be greeted with delicious home made cakes and given more for the journey in the hotel as we were at Bay Tree House in Seaton. The only downside is lack of a lounge in the evening when it’s inclement weather.

Not sure whether it was the weather, deciding which clothes to pack and then routing through the case to find them, long drives, different routine and a feeling of “is that it?” has left me very indifferent to going away, it all seems a hassle.  Yes, good to meet with friends, to break the long drive back east  we’d planned an overnight stop and to meet with two school friends, for health reasons one couple couldn’t make it, major planning and organising for a couple of hours chat in a coffee shop left me underwhelmed.

Back at Pixie Towers there is another decluttering exercise underway caused by the need to clear all furniture from the dining room and hallway. Our hallway has hundreds of books, including Ian’s maths collection, local history and a couple of shelves of knitting and crochet books too. This is in preparation for parquet flooring to be laid in the dining room and the original parquet in the hall is to be restored. Yesterday when we visited our son we brought back flattened boxes from their move to pack smaller items.


These aren’t all our books, more upstairs, these came to rest in the hall as Ian was concerned about the weight of the books upstairs.  Of course it’s not just books that need to go, birthday cards, letters would mean nothing in a house clearance but everything to this hoarder, who knows she should look forward.




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