In the latest issue of Slipknot, the very informative journal of the Knitting & Crochet Guild there was a call for very old knitting patterns for the Guild’s collection. At the Guild’s meeting last Thursday I handed over patterns that met the strict criteria, at home still had plenty that were slightly outside the remit, these were listed on a Word document by issuer and number.

Few days later whilst sorting out found another file of patterns so updated the Word documents, photographs below shows this second collection on our extended dining table. Time consuming but fun, didn’t find anything I had knitted in the past.


It was fascinating observing how layout, design, typography had changed, there were a few still in monochrome, early patterns showed price but just after decimalisation and subsequent inflation price codes began to appear. The Word document has been sent to the Guild for them to decide which, or indeed if any of these patterns they want, it would be a pleasure to see the three patterns from Bentalls, the once great department store, in the Guild’s collection.


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