Spelling – oops



We don’t shop on a Sunday, or indeed in the big Sainsbury’s very often, we had returned from holiday the evening before so provisions were needed. There was rugby at the Twickenham stadium so we couldn’t go to our local Waitrose. Whilst waiting  at the deli counter the above advertisement caught my eye, the staff were non plussed, don’t think the errors were recognised.

Talking of food, at Pilates class the other week and then a few days later in a pub in Seaton the subject of the  Welsh name for a microwave oven was raised. It’s Popty Ping, probably every one else knows this but I love the randomness of hearing the same onomatopoeic name some 150 miles apart within a few days. We will now be referring to our microwave by this name, along with Alexander the grater, the vacuum cleaner is James the Second, it’s our second Dyson, the car is Megan because part of the number is MGN.

Yes, all very silly but why not? As we used to tell the kids everyone’s silly sometimes and this has been an opportunity to return to blogging




2 thoughts on “Spelling – oops

  1. I was in Wales last week, but didn’t learn about the popty ping. That’s fabulous!

    When Alex was a greengrocer, one of his assistants always used the “greengrocer’s apostrophe.” I asked how he put up with it and he shrugged. “It’s traditional,” he said. Following it with a fat spelling mistake is exceptional, though.


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