Carry on blogging

Blogging and websites seem to have taken second place to Facebook, in my opinion the three vehicles of expression serve different purposes. For example I use FB to check on local events, activities, traffic and train delays as well as keeping up with friends and more  distant friends and family, whereas I see my blog as a record, a one sided chat, journal or diary, useful for looking back, for example when we undertook changes to our home or showing how long I have had certain garments!

Websites of corporate bodies are my equivalent of looking up information in a reference book, dating back in time when reference libraries were the only search engines if one didn’t know the information oneself. I have found myself reading  blogs almost as a substitute for reading fiction, have to admit liking the domestic, family Aga saga, chatty, noncontroversial ones.

So what’s been happening? Decided yesterday, May Bank Holiday, to carry on with decluttering, started with the top drawer of bedside cabinet. Here I stored the swing labels removed from clothes which were kept along with the spare buttons, beads and thread for repairs. Many of this haberdashery related to garments that had found their way to the charity shop, without the spare buttons.


These buttons belonged to a Country Casuals red mohair cardigan that wasn’t fit even for charity donation, I found the spares still in the top drawer and reunited the set in the thought they may grace a hand knit one day.

Of course the contents were more than just labels, beautiful as some of the art work on labels are, historical artefacts included two address books belonging to my mother, these will go in family history file.  In the earlier one the first entries are in fountain pen, her name and address at the front tells me the first entries are after April 1949 when my parents moved into that address and before June 1951 when she changed the entry for a friend upon marriage. It is interesting to see how some people moved very frequently then there is a cousin of mine, now in his eighties, still at the same address as in the book (no postcode), he’d been there since his marriage in 1958 and before that had just one childhood home.

Next clear out will be drawers containing past birthday cards, decisions will have to be made – do I dump them all or keep a few from those ‘special’ years?



One thought on “Carry on blogging

  1. When I started blogging, I’d sometimes write a short post two or three times a day, almost one-liners, and Facebook has certainly taken the place of that. I can’t be bothered with Twitter, it seems too self-conscious for me. Blogging is still the best.


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