Just knitting and crochet


At the moment this crochet and knitting is all I have on my hook and on my needles, neither of which are exactly portable projects, the knitting which was started in September 2013 requires silence and deep concentration, the crochet blanket works well with chatter, radio and distractions is too large to pop into a bag for train or bus journey.

The scarlet red  wrap in Rowan fine lace hasn’t been touched since June last year, recently I decided to try again as a plain scarf/wrap can be useful, it is,16 rows of pattern requiring me to remember the mantra “count your stitches one by one” as I complete,the right side row with all the “yarn overs”, slip one, knit  x stitches and psso.

The crochet comes with a completely different story. In  2015 I had made a blanket of  156 Granny squares each of 7 rounds, it was so easy to pop small magic loop needles and yarn into a bag before going out to play, the purpose was to use up odds and ends of double crochet, actually the odds and ends were boring colours like beige and brown so some more cheerful colours were purchased. There was a large square over, so this formed the centre piece of the latest blanket.

Edward knows this is his blanket when he’s here, we’re not precious about it, the blanket on which I’m working is a giant Granny square using some yarn obtained when someone had a clear out and other yarn bought as and when. This will be for Alice when she visits Pixie Towers, put on the floor for her books and toys, some of which belonged to DS, her father.

Meanwhile I will be casting on some more socks for Ian, just stocking stitch so truly portable.


One thought on “Just knitting and crochet

  1. Wow the lacy knit looks so TRICKY! I’ve started and restarted a lacy baby coat three times now. The pattern is so complicated I need a lie down after each row. Two years it’s been on my needles. I might just hunt it out now, but I bet I will have to restart !


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