Back story


I’ve told you about my DD’s Mothering Sunday gift, also had a gift from DS, a photo of newborn Alice but I haven’t told you about the rest of that weekend. There was a combination of Ian’s birthday on Saturday, the next day, Mothering Sunday, was Alice’s baptism.  Instead of buying Ian stuff, his gift was two days at Hartwell House Hotel, about ten minutes drive from the church. The hotel was very country house style, great service, we now ask each other “would you like the bed turned down?” and,”may I pour your tea for you?”.  Go on, look the hotel up on Google, far better description and photos than I can do!

It was such a relaxing place, on Saturday we wandered around the grounds, had lunch in the Spa Cafe followed by nearly three hours in the Spa, pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna all were tried, I admit to my swimming was found wanting.

As Alice was barely five weeks old she was able to wear the same Christening robe that was worn by my mother in 1916, possibly my uncle, definitely my sister, myself and my daughter, not Alice’s father, my mother hadn’t located it when he was baptised, nor Edward as the gown was too small for him. It is fine cotton with boderie anglais made from a bridesmaid’s dress worn at the marriage of my maternal grandparents in 1914.

I have my Mother’s handwritten note about this, need to update it and then store the dress safely along with a petticoat that I wore underneath. There are two tiny cardigans my mother made for my babies that will added to all of this, the last knitting my mother did as Parkinson’s gradually took away her craft skills.


3 thoughts on “Back story

  1. Lovely! I have our family christening robe, but my two grandchildren were too big by the time they were christened (and alas the third isn’t going to be christened). Ah well!


  2. How wonderful this post is. The 100 yr old dress is so precious. And of course, what a beautiful baby x. It’s got me thinking where my children’s dress is – my beloved nana made it -BroderieAnglaise too – might send the HG up in the loft to find it! It’s with the matching bonnet and knickers and shawl my mum knit.


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