Although we are not involved in academia as such, well unless one counts U3A, our lives evolve still around term times and school holidays so it is pleasant to have term time to take advantage of routine even though this isn’t a fixed point. Even the walking group has fixed the Tuesday or Wednesday of the third week of the month for our perambulations so today we enjoyed glorious Spring weather on our local walk, one I’ve known all my life, across Richmond Green, along the towpath to what was The Three Pigeons and is now apartments, through the   Grotto to avoid busy Petersham Road, into the Terrace Gardens. Of course we couldn’t pass the cafe without refreshment, hot chocolate for Ian & I.


Just love the pattern the tree shadow makes, it would make an inspired design for a shawl. In the far distance one can see the Thames with Twickenham on the far bank.

All these walks are planned to include refreshments, today at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park,  before eating we viewed St Paul’s Cathedral from King Henry’s Mound, this view is supposed to be protected by an Act of Parliament but a borough to the east of the City of London has allowed tower blocks which appear behind the cathedral, apparently it is too late to rectify this. One does feel that the Greater London Authority aren’t bothered about some outer London boroughs, especially those perceived as leafy, wealthy suburbs yet these are boroughs with little industry so the big business rates aren’t there, nor are there huge government payments, also there is a high elderly single household population so producing lower community charge income.

Enough of that for it is late, Ian is home from a meeting so I am ending this, we need sleep all the fresh air and walking has tired us.

My blogging should be more frequent now I’m not fighting Blogger so you don’t miss such delights as the Olympia  knitting and Stitching show, news of the grandchildren, the crochet and knitting progress report.




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