Just saying …

Last Friday came back from Pilates class to find postman had delivered post to us early, apart from usual stuff, mainly magazines like Kew, RA and Economist as subscriptions to these make good gifts there was a packet for me.  Great joy, I had won a new book called Yarntelier handknit Volume 1, written and designed by Louisa Harding in a Knit Now magazine giveaway. Putting on my cynical hat these are run so advertisers obtain email addresses to target products, I still fill them in. Furthermore after thanking both the magazine and Louisa Harding the latter will be signing my copy at the Knitting & Stitching show at Olympia next month. Tickets were organised by DD, she’s interested in the sewing whilst I’ll be admiring yarns, perhaps meeting up with Knitting & Crochet Guild members and maybe Ravelry people too.


If the weather is very windy, icy, wet it isn’t good for me to go out, door to door in the car doesn’t count but it does mean that maybe the TV or radio is on a little more whilst I’m knitting  or crocheting and although one apparently shouldn’t be cynical (or stressed) we do have a laugh at some of the commentaries. One word that seems to occur is ‘decades’,’so why not ten or thirty years, is it to make time seem shorter or faster? Also, all the world seems to be going on a journey often with stories to tell, in my ignorance I thought a journey was usually car or train travel, not a project, TV programme or even a knitting pattern.

Talking of journeys and going places when listening to Simon Mayo on Radio 2 on a Friday evening from 5pm there are often noisy phone calls from ladies going away in a group with girl friends, perhaps taking a house over for the weekend where the wine is chilling, cake is waiting, meals are prepared whilst leaving their Other Halves and children at home. This is something I’ve never done, maybe because I don’t have close girlfriends, maybe because the opportunity hasn’t arisen, maybe because deep in my heart I know it’s not me, I’m happy in my own world so have to make an effort to socialise. What is the attraction? I’d love to know!


Edward on his way to nursery wearing the sleeveless jumper I made him, really struggled with picking up stitches around neck and armholes, at least I’m learning all the time



2 thoughts on “Just saying …

  1. I was recently invited to join a small book club – the number is limited to eight and we meet monthly, taking it in turns to cook a meal. I was never part of a circle of girlfriends when young, though I certainly have started to appreciate how much fun it can be, over the years, and also how supportive they are when you need it.

    Edward looks spiffing!


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