Hot air

Yonks ago, well at the beginning of the year, I took a phone call asking if we would like a smart meter at Pixie Towers, it seemed a good idea so I took an executive decision (Ian had gone out to play), booked smart meter installation one day and a gas safety check the next. We would no longer scrabble around under the stairs to read the meters before inputting the numbers into Ian’s iPad on the first of each month.

Instead I find myself peering at this tiny monitor worrying when the blue flame expands or when the green bars become red when we put the kettle on. Of course I don’t rush to turn the heating down when the temperature outside is two degrees, just being sensible with the amount of water I boil for a coffee. We will be able to link this with our iPads too, so much information about room temperature, daily costs and usage.  Needless to say all our curtains are closed to keep the warmth in, the house is single brick walls so cools down quickly, we have done all we can to insulate and conserve energy. I don’t like to be cold, not good either for someone with poor circulation and bronchiectasis.


The safety checks showed that this below was installed when the house was built so will have to be removed, all which will help to tidy up that understairs cupboard. img_1467

Another small change since Christmas at Pixie Towers is we have resumed home milk deliveries, we can alter our order online until 9pm the evening before. Apart from using glass milk bottles which are recycled it means we don’t always have to take the car to shop for those plastic cartons can be heavy so the cost in monetary terms may be more, we’re saving on parking, petrol, oil and lubricants and gaining by walking to our local high street for top up shopping at the independent butcher and baker.

Just to keep up with the knitting news, have finished a second hat, well it’s a Beanie for grandchild due in about a week, I used pale lemon colour DK as DS and DiL have opted not to know whether they will have a daughter or another son.


Pattern is Little Anchor Beanie from a Knit Now supplement of Sirdar Baby Knits, I didn’t Knit the Anchor, used the pattern for design and sizing.

That all folks tonight, thank you for reading this.


2 thoughts on “Hot air

  1. We’re all paying for the installation of smart meters so might as well have one if it’s on offer! I’m told I’ve got to have a water meter though they won’t start making me pay for metered water, it’s just for the record. Hmmm…


  2. We had a water in our last house, we were told it was touch and go with two teenagers at the time, 19 years ago we moved round the corner to this house with meter installed under kitchen sink – most inconvenient- it’s now outside in the pavement, with just us two I’m sure we benefit especially as we have a water butt in both back and front gardens.

    In this area, Thames Water, if a property is sold and there is no water meter the new owners have to have one installed.


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