Just some observations

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’ve just watched the Scotland Ireland Six Nations match, most exciting, pleased with the result as DH is an Anglo Scot, that’s what he puts on all those forms. This match was broadcast on BBC1, the next match which I’m now watching is broadcast on ITV so why couldn’t the BBC say so, instead they pushed the details of the radio schedule and the later highlights. It is not as if BBC never mention the opposition, often on Breakfast there are interviews with broadcasters who are promoting programmes on commercial channels.

Similar details bother in programmes like Escape to the Country, Location, Penelope Keith or Michael Portillo where none of the ladies have a handbag, Michael P. is never shown carrying anything except Bradshaw or Appleton guides.  It is very rare I don’t have a bag with me, for Pilates I take one of the light linen ones to carry specs case (need to take glasses off in class), Ventolin inhaler, diary, phone, keys as I just drive there and back, PE kit not a good look in the High Street. Most of my handbags are a good size so I can carry knitting or crochet around with me, plus spare shopping bags to avoid using plastic bags, did this long before the charge came in.


This bag is great for fitting my knitting in, Ian bought it for me last June on our wedding anniversary, I had looked at it, must have made a favourable comment for he returned later to the shop and surprised me.

Not sure about where I heard about this, the Red Nose charity have linked again with Mollie Makes to produce this


Plenty of different crafts, crochet from Lucy of Attic24, sewing from Charlotte winner of Sewing Bee, pom-poms, cross stitch etc. Think publication is available from Sainsbury’s, not sure where else, even if I don’t make much from it some one may benefit from the purchase.

Well, England won, but it wasn’t an enjoyable game to watch, pleased we didn’t apply for tickets especially as it hasn’t been a day when I wanted to go out.



2 thoughts on “Just some observations

  1. I find it a nuisance that they don’t put when the repeat of the same programme is – that is, sometimes something that is on late at night may be on again another afternoon. It doesn’t matter much now that one can catch up on iPlayer, but it used to. I also listen to iPlayer radio a lot and one has to search for new episodes, there’s no indication of when the next one is happening.

    I’m working on fixing a date for the next blog party, btw, hope you might be able to come 🙂


    1. Quite agree, I tend to find repeated items,when reading other people’s blogs, we rely on Saturday’s newspaper for TV and radio schedules.
      Will send an email about suitable dates for Blog party, we have already had offer of accommodation from the Suffolk relations.


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