Just musing

Well still plenty of learning to do with my new blog home, trying to ensure you see the Beekeeper’s Quilt masthead.  Still won’t talk about that, instead will tell you about the decluttering happening at Pixie Towers, it is so amazing the calming effect of clearing stuff, especially clothes that don’t fit, too small in my case, too large in Ian’s. So far, the tally is at least 21 shirts, 33 scarves, two giant full Lakeland bags of jackets, polo shirts,  assorted clothes and a box of china have been gift aided to our local hospice shop. Apart from one blouse to replace three gone, one coat in and one out, nothing else has come in.

One thing we have gained is some more time, did I chat about the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course, it was recommended to help with increasing breathlessness at my last visit to the Royal Brompton Hospital? Our local respiratory care team run the course, it’s six weeks, well twelve sessions in all twice a week.  Given Christmas, bad colds, chest infection it took much longer than six weeks for it’s impossible to exercise for an hour when feeling unwell.  The idea was that one did set exercises which should lead to breathlessness but still able to say “This exercise is doing me good”! Only after six minutes pedalling on the bike was I slightly puffed, far worse my legs were hurting! There was much mutual encouragement, laughter as  we struggled with star jumps and toe raises.

This was done wearing ordinary clothes, no PE kit here. Following the exercises, during with heart rate and oxygen levels were checked before, during and after exercise there were pep talks, one of which  was to ensure we carried on exercising.  I have opted to do this at home, 40 minutes at home uses up far less time than going to other venues around our borough, I’m  exercising in PJs first thing in the morning, not only to help cope with effects of bronchiectasis but maybe lose a little weight. At the end of the course I weighed over a kilogram more than at the start.  Other forms of exercise are acceptable so my weekly Pilates are continuing and weather permitting I want to walk more.

Just want to show progress with hat I’m making for grandchild expected in next 3 weeks, looks a simple pattern but one has to concentrate still, at least no stitches to pick up.


Need to finish this, so bye for now whilst I do so.


4 thoughts on “Just musing

  1. I’m very aware I should do some clothes decluttering but I don’t know what to get rid of – maybe I’ll have to buy bigger wardrobes instead. I had a major declutter a few years ago when I lost weight, since being with Tim some of it has crept on again but I’m not ready to give up on the smaller size yet, now I’ve got my new hip.


    1. Welcome to my new home, sorry it’s not easy to know best way to advertise my new site, will add updates to keep Blogger going, have changed details about blog on Ravelry page and where I comment on other blogs try to mention the new platform.


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