Bother, bother

This afternoon was making good progress as started a hat for a newborn, pattern is called Seventh from a site Pekapeka, I have made this twice before, third one is to be for our grandchild expected in under four weeks. 

Had cast on, knitted first two rows of pattern, just started third row so pulling yarn tight as using Magic Loop method, didn’t want any ladders,  when the needle snapped at the joint, very annoying these are Knit-Pro fixed circulars.  

Fortunately I will be in JohnLewis Kingston on Sunday for a Knitting & Crochet Guild meeting so will be able to purchase another pair, or even two pairs in case of further breakages. It is not the first time I have done this. 

Well I typed the above at DS & DiL’s home, now back at Pixie Towers, went through my circulars collection,  lo and behold a spare appeared, hopefully I have 4 weeks to knit this, DiL says 4 weeks ish. Wow, better get going.  


2 thoughts on “Bother, bother

  1. I’m a Bad Granny, haven’t made any clothes for any of my crew. I used to make clothes for my daughter when she was little but the last item I knitted was a hat for me, nine years ago!


    1. Ah, but you have expertise in so many other areas, I knit or crochet a few items as I enjoy these crafts. Have found some baby clothes made by me and my mother before Adam was born, suspect they may be too small for this baby. Yesterday the estimated weight was 8lbs, Edward was 6lbs 12oz. Mine were 6lbs 5oz and just under 6lbs.


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