PixieMum writes again

Welcome to my new home for my blog, will be lovely if my readers follow me here, leave their comments. My aim that discussion will be like those at a good party, laughter at the silliness of life, variety and hopping from one topic to another with the exception of no politics, religion or swearing.

So so what has been on my mind? Yesterday we went to Dorset to have lunch with Ian’s brother and his wife, then popped into see DD and her young man before the long, dark drive home. It is our habit to break the journey at the Winchester Services, as we were driving in a thought occurred to me, why do motorway service stations use different road signs from the ordinary roads? I know they are on private land, often badly lit and it’s not easy to ensure one is heading for the car park.

On a more positive note the tank top for Grandson is finished, apart from the button for the loop at the back of the neck. This hasn’t been the easiest of knits, I need to avoid patterns requiring picking up stitches.



Having completed this project, I have returned to finishing Ian’s socks, am working on the gusset of the second sock so not too long now, an ideal portable project, progress was made in the car yesterday.



So, let’s see how this blog goes, it has been a struggle as intuition regarding iPads and posting isn’t a strong point







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